Afra "Afragon" Noubarzadeh

My educational background covers entrepreneurship, sustainable development, politics and art. I have experience in working with complex challenges and being able to find solutions with a clear value proposition. I have four roles in my professional life - 1) Entrepreneur, 2) Project leader, 3) Pedagogue, and 4) Artist.

I have experience in both studying and working as an entrepreneur. I approach entrepreneurship as an environmentalist. I strongly believe that companies of the future must understand their impact on their surrounding and thus apply social, economical and environmental sustainability actions to their business models. I have founded a successful IT-startup (Explanea) with paying customers and governmental innovation funding.

I work as a project leader in large enterprises and NGO’s. I have experience in using methods and processes such as Design Thinking and Effectuation. The most recent projects are together with Ericsson, The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce, HSB Living Lab, and TNB. The goal with these projects have been to develop educational concepts for schools and youth organizations in Sweden.

As a pedagogue, I find it exciting to work in the intersection of logic and creativity. I strongly encourage interdisciplinary learning in schools, as that’s the only way to find solutions for complex real life challenges. My background covers IT, Math, Art, Entrepreneurship, Natural Science and youth culture. My goal as a pedagogue is to inspire and empower students from different socio-economic backgrounds to find their true potential and power of change for a better future.

I have a passion for art. I have covered both digital and analog. I try to minimize my ego in my art and through workshops include other people in the creation process. I think leadership in art is best practiced through enabling others to express themselves through your creation.

Educational background

Göteborgs konstskola / Gothenburg School of Art

Sculpture · 2014 to 2015
The sculpturing program provides a solid foundation for future professional artists, in regard of creation processes, tools and creativity.

Chalmers tekniska högskola / Chalmers University of Technology

Master of Science (M.Sc.), Entrepreneurship and Business Design - TECH · 2012 to 2014
The technology venture creation track focuses on technology entrepreneurship and venture creation. Students admitted to this track will profile themselves with respect to venture creation including team dynamics aspects, business model learning, sales and marketing as well as technology and product development.

Göteborgs universitet / University of Gothenburg

Exchange Studies, International Relations and National Security Studies · 2009
Studies focusing on understanding global challenges the international system is facing. The courses cover how political, economical and cultural power structures take form from a historical perspective. It also covers the relationship between state and multinational enterprises or organisations.

Mittuniversitetet / Mid Sweden University

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Ecotechnology · 2008 to 2012
Ecotechnology gives a broad systems perspective on the relationship between environment, society and the natural resources of our planet. The education integrates environmental issues with entrepreneurship and other skills to provide relevant knowledge for working in one of the world’s fastest growing sectors – Ecotechnology and green business.

2016/02/28 - Göteborgs-Posten, Sweden