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< Exploring the intersection between art and technology >

I began developing the concept last year (2014) after receiving my master’s degree from Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship. I have been working on the concept for the past year and it has taking me from the largest IT-conferences in Scandinavia to TEDxGöteborg where I held a speech about Kodkonst.

TEDxGöteborg, 2014

< From analog to digital art >

Kodkonst is my first attempt to combine technology with art. I had developed an artistic expression in Photoshop where I mainly worked with circles and squares. I decided in early 2014 to investigate if I could recreate the same style but with code. CSS Art became my first attempt to create art with code. I posted a timelapse of the creative process on YouTube. See the video below.

< Validation >

I signed up for a Google Devart competition that was announced two weeks after my release. The art piece was highlighted in international media but I never made it to the finals. I began attending international IT and web conferences where I mainly did live-coding performances. This gave me the possiility to get direct feedback on the concept and how I can develop it further to make it technically more advanced. The visual expression had been confirmed but I didnt create any specific value more than entertainment and inspiration. I felt like I had a monolog with the audience without interaction.

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Webdagene, Oslo 2014.

< Value proposition >

I had only focused on personal emotional values in the begining but as Kodkonst gained coverage in traditional and social media, I decided to see how far I could take it. My head turned towards education. The Swedish school system is currently deciding on implementing obligatory coding lectures in elementary school but for what ends? Some argue that it's for preparing future generations for the demands on the market. We must ask ourselves how knowledge will be reached down and transferred through generations. My standpoint is that code is a language, and much like art, a tool for expression. The conqueror of this tool is invited to a certain culture, unity and identity. I agree that code should be taught in schools but not to create a workforce because future generations might be inspired by other values. So let's introduce the web as a blank canvas where creation is free.

I made my first public attempt to package Kodkonst into an educational workshop at Universeum. The idea was to start with the most basic tools of expression that needed no pre-knowledge to get going. Thus, kids creating art with paper that is later translated into code art – http://afranoubarzadeh/universeum/. Encouraging them to use the web as a canvas for expressing and communicating happiness and curiousity as they walk through life.

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Universeum, Gothenburg 2014

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